9 Oct 2014

Primark dupes a perfume best seller!

So I was in Primark today shopping for some warm cosy fleece blankets but before I ventured upstairs I just had to go and check out the beauty section to see what was new.

Polka perfume from Primark

I always get excited about perfume because I absolutely love the stuff, so when I saw Primark had a bigger range of perfumes than the last time I was there, I quickly got the lids off the perfume bottles and started testing each perfume. 
What pleased me most was the matching 10ml roll on for £2.00 to match the larger perfume bottles because for me personally when it comes to perfume I adore the teenie sizes. 
I have far too many to keep large bottles and I love my perfumes to fit easily in my bag.
I didn't actually dislike any of Primark's perfume line but the one perfume that I definitely preferred was 'Polka', I think of all of the scents in store it was the best all rounder and smelt the most expensive, well done Primark!
'Polka' by Primark smells just like 'Lady Million' perfume by Paco Rabanne.
A great review from a fellow blogger also raving about Primark's 'Polka' perfume - Face Value Beauty Blog in case you need more convincing!

I always have a look at what other bloggers have to say about a perfume because if I stumble across something and want to blog about it, it usually means that the blogging world has also caught wind of it and from what I have seen, Primark's 'Polka' perfume is the firm favorite from the perfume selection in Primark and has received favorable reviews. 

The word on the blogs (haha) is that it is a very good perfume dupe for 'Lady Million' by Paco Rabanne, although some bloggers have commented that it is probably a dupe for 'Dot' by Marc Jacobs because of the packaging but it isn't. 
I have noticed a lot of perfumes will dupe one famous perfume's packaging with another famous perfume's actual scent. 
I think there must be some explanation as surely imitating the packaging plus the perfume scent is a little bit too obvious and cheeky.

If you like 'Light Blue' by Dolce and Gabbana then Primark's 'PINK me up' is a great choice for your perfume wardrobe.

primark perfume

primark perfume

If you like the perfumes by Britney Spears you will like Primark's 'Midnight Kiss', for me it is a sweet and girly perfume.

primark perfume

     If you like 'CK One' by Calvin Klein you may like Primark's       'NO JEALOUSY' perfume.

primark perfume

primark perfume

I am not sure about Primark's 'HE LOVES ME' perfume, I mean it does make you think of  Daisy but when I searched the perfume notes on Fragrantica, there was no perfume on their site with the same notes, I don't think this is a dupe it is just a nice fresh perfume.

primark perfume

primark perfume

Watch this space.

primark perfume

            If you like CK Shock you may like Primark's perfume                 'HE LOVES ME' it shares the same notes.

primark perfume

primark perfume

I shall update this post when I have more perfume notes and have done a bit more sniffing.

I already know I am going to go back to Primark for some more cute mini roll on perfume because I am a perfume addict....perfume perfume perfume I just love the stuff!

Interested in more perfume dupes? Just click HERE.

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14 Aug 2014

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

I am not in the habit of doing book reviews but since I am the type of Hair and Beauty blogger to only blog about products I really rate (I am quite sure most 'new products' are the same stuff, different packaging) I thought that it would make sense to share my latest page turner.

I found The Husbands Secret on Amazon and after seeing the ratings I decided I would most likely enjoy it, because if that many people have rated it so high then it must be good. 

the husbands secret by liane moriarty

The Husbands Secret is one of those books that have lots of different character's but despite that I had no trouble following it. I loved the writing style, there was something about the way the author described the characters thoughts that made them seem so 'normal' or at least made me feel like I could relate to a lot of the situations and how the characters felt about them. 

If the story had a message I suppose it would be that we just don't know what is going on in other peoples lives, things just aren't as they seem, we can only see the world through our limited vision and that you will never know 'what if' and it is probably better if you don't.Well at least that was what I took from it.

This isn't a creepy thriller type of book but rather a beautifully told story that has the ability to make us really feel for the characters.

Definitely recommending this one.

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11 Aug 2014

The smart girl's best face scrub

I have been using face scrubs ever since I was a young girl in secondary school, it is a part of my routine that I have never stopped doing, especially because I really think a face scrub makes a difference to how my skin looks.

Unlike my younger self I no longer fall for fancy packaging and top named products with all the latest beauty buzzwords that are used for face scrubs nowadays and instead have chosen to spend more wisely on my beauty routine. This doesn't mean I don't treat myself, I just know when to save and when to splurge and a good face scrub costs next to nothing.

For me a face scrub is not a beauty product I need to spend on, here is what I use:

a hand holding salt

Table salt! 

One of the best beauty products I use.

Now of course table salt in its original packaging would look awful in the bathroom, so I simply decant it into a pretty glass jar and voilà I now have a nicely packaged face scrub that has only one ingredient, works very effectively, doesn't leave bits in my bath, costs me pennies and lasts for months.

Jar of salt

Thanks Tina for the fabulous image!

Doesn't contain microbeads.........click here for more about that.

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Let's stop buying into gimmicks so we can spend more money on quality products

Hi everyone

I love make up and beauty products (hence why I have a make up blog) but I try to be sensible about what I buy, I don't like to feel as if I am being ripped off but the problem is I think women are ripped off all the time we are seduced into buying products because of the celebrity who advertises it or the super fancy packaging and before we know it we have a very expensive list of daily essential products that are costing us an arm and a leg.

I am all for indulging and I have no problems spending money on myself, but what I am trying to say is why waste money on a product when you can buy the exact same quality product for half the cost? It just seems like madness to me.

As I have said before on here according to Perfume Parlor..........

Why Are High Street Brands A Rip off?

Did you know that just in the
UK, Brits spend a whopping £640m on perfumes, and half of this amount is generated during Christmas. But anyway, my point is that most of the perfumes that we buy, the actual liquid inside the bottle costs less than a pound... I am serious... that’s how much it costs. The rest of the amount we pay is actually covering the over the top packaging costs, advertisement & marketing costs, and the fees the designer house pays to a well known celebrity/model to be the face of the product.

But people are still buying into perfumes all the time! I was in boots a few days ago checking out Beyonce's new perfume and I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I saw all the pretty bottles of perfumes lined up in the cabinets and yes, they are gorgeous and the designs are getting all the more extravagant (for want of  a better word) but when I see them all competing to look the prettiest I realise all the more that the perfumers are selling the pretty bottles and the customers are buying into it.

I have lots of beautiful perfumes in my collection and of course a beautiful bottle of perfume looks lovely on a dressing table but I refuse to allow myself to keep buying into it because realistically I am the only one who will see the bottle and most perfumes don't come in handbag friendly sizes!

I don't want to spend loads of money on a pretty bottle when I can buy the same scent for a teeny fraction of the cost and have more money for a product that I really will get better use of especially when I know it cost the perfumer next to nothing to make!

I have noticed that a lot of the most popular perfumes round are the ones with the prettiest bottles, could it be that the reason why so many ladies love the perfume is because they love the bottle?

Another point about perfume is that there are lots of perfumes that smell the same or very similar for example I was checking out Beyonce's new perfume and in my opinion its samey, it smells very similar to Define from next which is far cheaper and I believe it's already a dupe for Armarni She.

I also find that in the world of beauty as a general rule, the first company who creates a product is then considered the best for example GHDs, I have nothing against them I think they are very good straighteners but I also think there are other straighteners which are also very good. Although I own GHDs myself once my hair became longer and I decided I needed wide plate straightener I bought myself some fantastic Remmington ones as they are excellent and far cheaper, why throw your money away?

I think we are all buying into the advertising way too much.

I was talking to someone the other day about moisturisers and I mentioned I used E45 and asked if she knew of anything better, I was told that the nurses at the hospital are convinced that aqueous cream is the best, it costs around £1.00 for a big tub! I have been using it and yes its just as good if not better, E45 costs around £10.00 for a big tub.

I am happy to pay more for something if I know I am getting the best quality I can afford or if it's worth paying out for.

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16 Jul 2014

Finally quality make up brushes at reasonable prices!

Hello Ladies

So I popped into Wilkinsons the other day and had a nosey at the beauty section, as I always do. 

The first thing I noticed was the new make up brush collection especially the premium ones which looked loads like the real techniques brushes that are very popular at the moment, and then there were more brushes for slightly less than the premium ones with really lovely patterns on including colourful zig zags and hounds tooth patterns. 

All the premium brushes had a tester on display which I thought was brilliant because I always want to feel a make up brush before I purchase it. When I saw the prices even though I didn't need any new brushes I had to get something, I just couldn't possibly leave without a few new ones and I knew I certainly wouldn't be leaving without the big fluffy powder brush which I already love more than my current one which cost a fair bit more!

Click here to see the make up accessories page on the website.

So I came away with the premium powder brush, premium concealer brush and a hounds tooth design eye liner brush and pin comb plus plenty of change!

Powder brush £4.00

What I love about this brush is how expensive it feels and looks. I would have paid over ten pounds for a brush like this in Boots and it wouldn't have been a better brush just more expensive. 

I don't like to pay lots of money for something that cost so little to make but good make up brushes for less are hard to come by. I was happy to pay £4.00 for this brush.

It was a pleasure to use and I was able to apply plenty of powder on without feeling like I was caked in it.

I have Also tested my concealer brush out and also really like it, great if you are looking for more coverage than you get with just using fingers.

Eye liner brush £1.00
A nice brush, equally as good as more expensive brands only prettier.

Pin comb £1.00
It was so cute I could't resist.

Thanks for reading

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26 Mar 2012

Moroccan oil dupe!

So I thought I would share with you Aldis latest new beauty product called miracle oil. I found out about it in the Sunday celebs magazine. As you can see from the pics its clearly Aldi's answer to Moroccan oil.

As far as I know Moroccan oil is just argan oil which leads me to think that if the same ingredients are used in Aldi's version it will be just as good. I haven't tried Moroccan oil but I have used a couple of different argan oils and really liked them so I will be trying this if I can get my hands on it! Its out on Thursday so good luck to those of you who will be off out to get a bottle.

Moroccan oil 100ml

Miracle oil 50ml

I wonder if there is a diference in quality and if so is it as diferent as the prices? I would love to hear some feedback on this one!

As always thanks for reading

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18 Mar 2012

Lovely white nails

Hi girls

I decided on a white nails this week, I have been meaning to try them for a while.

White nails are not done much at the moment but I think they look really lovely and a bit different too, lets face it white goes with everything so its not like they are offensive. I do however admit that I don't have an ideal skin tone for white but hey rules are made to be broken!

What are your thoughts on white nails? 

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11 Feb 2012

Make do and make your own......

Hello ladies

Heres a pic of my new nail polish rack....

I have wanted one for ages but really resented the cost of such a cheap thing to make so I decided while I'm feeling creative that I shall make my own rack! It isnt completly finished as it still needs painting which I have started this evening but for a first attempt I am really happy with it and will be making another one for my friend Vicky too.

If anyone has any questions on how I did it and costs etc feel free to ask, I shall add a pic of it when it is all done and wall mounted too.

Thanks for reading

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8 Feb 2012

A little off subject but..........

Hi girls I know that the blog I'm going to recommend has nothing to do with beauty or hair but I want to recommend it anyway since it is written for girls/women and I think it is a very good blog. I would like to think I'm doing my good deed for the day by recommending it.

Being very interested in personal development and having read lots of books on relationships, dating, men and more I think I know a good blog in this area when I see one.

Its called How Not To Fall In Love I hope you will take a look and enjoy.

Thanks for reading

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1 Feb 2012

Jewellery storage

Hey ladies

Here's my new jewellery storage, the only jewellery I don't store in it is necklaces.

jewellery storage

jewellery storage

jewellery storage

I also store compact mirrors and badges plus lots of other little bits and it cost a few quid from Primark! I'm rather impressed with Primark lately this is the perfect solution for me and I have been wearing so many more things now I can see everything I have.

Thanks for reading

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30 Jan 2012

Just because it's too cute

I thought I would add this pic of my daughter Kimberley when she was a baby she was super cute bless her and hopefully she has brightened up your day a little bit too.

Thanks for reading

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29 Jan 2012

I love this look!

So I thought I would share my fave make up look at the moment, I'm not sure how to describe this look maybe french? not sure I just love the simplicity of it and I also love the fact it really is a suits all look with minimal products yet looks so pretty. 

I don't have any clearer pics but I think this captures the look well.

I think they key elements to achieve this look are a light to medium base keeping it matte, a small amount of contouring on the cheek bones, defined eyebrows, plenty of eyeliner to get the really dark black kitten flick, some false eyelashes on the outside of the eyes, a nice pale pink shimmery lipstick or gloss if you are looking for more glam and then if you haven't got a beauty spot pencil one in for the finishing touch.

Thanks for reading

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27 Jan 2012

Lacura hand cream review

Hello ladies

Another quick post this time I'm rating hand cream by Lacura another beauty product from Aldi that really delivers.

Well I don't think there is too much to say about hand cream! I am recommending this cream for its ability to sink into the skin quickly leaving a nice non greasy finish which is exactly what you want in a hand cream, I don't have time to wait ten minute for a hand cream to sink in and work.

My auntie uses loads of different hand creams and can easily afford the most expensive her heart desires but she often has this cream on her kitchen side.

And one other thing ladies wear your marigolds!!!!

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