18 Mar 2012

Lovely white nails

Hi girls

I decided on a white nails this week, I have been meaning to try them for a while.

White nails are not done much at the moment but I think they look really lovely and a bit different too, lets face it white goes with everything so its not like they are offensive. I do however admit that I don't have an ideal skin tone for white but hey rules are made to be broken!

What are your thoughts on white nails? 

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Miss LV said...

The white nail varnish looks really nice on you. I tend to steer clear of white nail varnish, I worry I will look like I have tipex on my nails xxx


The Beautiful Blog said...

Ha ha I know exactly what you mean, It looks good with a shiney top coat or some pretty diamontes xXx

Joanne78 said...

I can remember painting my nails with tippex when I was at school, ruined my nails! lol

I think the white looks really nice :)