9 Oct 2014

Primark dupes a perfume best seller!

So I was in Primark today shopping for some warm cosy fleece blankets but before I ventured upstairs I just had to go and check out the beauty section to see what was new.

Polka perfume from Primark

I always get excited about perfume because I absolutely love the stuff, so when I saw Primark had a bigger range of perfumes than the last time I was there, I quickly got the lids off the perfume bottles and started testing each perfume. 
What pleased me most was the matching 10ml roll on for £2.00 to match the larger perfume bottles because for me personally when it comes to perfume I adore the teenie sizes. 
I have far too many to keep large bottles and I love my perfumes to fit easily in my bag.
I didn't actually dislike any of Primark's perfume line but the one perfume that I definitely preferred was 'Polka', I think of all of the scents in store it was the best all rounder and smelt the most expensive, well done Primark!
'Polka' by Primark smells just like 'Lady Million' perfume by Paco Rabanne.
A great review from a fellow blogger also raving about Primark's 'Polka' perfume - Face Value Beauty Blog in case you need more convincing!

I always have a look at what other bloggers have to say about a perfume because if I stumble across something and want to blog about it, it usually means that the blogging world has also caught wind of it and from what I have seen, Primark's 'Polka' perfume is the firm favorite from the perfume selection in Primark and has received favorable reviews. 

The word on the blogs (haha) is that it is a very good perfume dupe for 'Lady Million' by Paco Rabanne, although some bloggers have commented that it is probably a dupe for 'Dot' by Marc Jacobs because of the packaging but it isn't. 
I have noticed a lot of perfumes will dupe one famous perfume's packaging with another famous perfume's actual scent. 
I think there must be some explanation as surely imitating the packaging plus the perfume scent is a little bit too obvious and cheeky.

If you like 'Light Blue' by Dolce and Gabbana then Primark's 'PINK me up' is a great choice for your perfume wardrobe.

primark perfume

primark perfume

If you like the perfumes by Britney Spears you will like Primark's 'Midnight Kiss', for me it is a sweet and girly perfume.

primark perfume

     If you like 'CK One' by Calvin Klein you may like Primark's       'NO JEALOUSY' perfume.

primark perfume

primark perfume

I am not sure about Primark's 'HE LOVES ME' perfume, I mean it does make you think of  Daisy but when I searched the perfume notes on Fragrantica, there was no perfume on their site with the same notes, I don't think this is a dupe it is just a nice fresh perfume.

primark perfume

primark perfume

Watch this space.

primark perfume

            If you like CK Shock you may like Primark's perfume                 'HE LOVES ME' it shares the same notes.

primark perfume

primark perfume

I shall update this post when I have more perfume notes and have done a bit more sniffing.

I already know I am going to go back to Primark for some more cute mini roll on perfume because I am a perfume addict....perfume perfume perfume I just love the stuff!

Interested in more perfume dupes? Just click HERE.

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