29 Jan 2012

I love this look!

So I thought I would share my fave make up look at the moment, I'm not sure how to describe this look maybe french? not sure I just love the simplicity of it and I also love the fact it really is a suits all look with minimal products yet looks so pretty. 

I don't have any clearer pics but I think this captures the look well.

I think they key elements to achieve this look are a light to medium base keeping it matte, a small amount of contouring on the cheek bones, defined eyebrows, plenty of eyeliner to get the really dark black kitten flick, some false eyelashes on the outside of the eyes, a nice pale pink shimmery lipstick or gloss if you are looking for more glam and then if you haven't got a beauty spot pencil one in for the finishing touch.

Thanks for reading

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Miss LV said...

Lovely simple yet elegant look xxx

The Beautiful Blog said...

thank you babe :)xXx