11 Aug 2014

The smart girl's best face scrub

I have been using face scrubs ever since I was a young girl in secondary school, it is a part of my routine that I have never stopped doing, especially because I really think a face scrub makes a difference to how my skin looks.

Unlike my younger self I no longer fall for fancy packaging and top named products with all the latest beauty buzzwords that are used for face scrubs nowadays and instead have chosen to spend more wisely on my beauty routine. This doesn't mean I don't treat myself, I just know when to save and when to splurge and a good face scrub costs next to nothing.

For me a face scrub is not a beauty product I need to spend on, here is what I use:

a hand holding salt

Table salt! 

One of the best beauty products I use.

Now of course table salt in its original packaging would look awful in the bathroom, so I simply decant it into a pretty glass jar and voilà I now have a nicely packaged face scrub that has only one ingredient, works very effectively, doesn't leave bits in my bath, costs me pennies and lasts for months.

Jar of salt

Thanks Tina for the fabulous image!

Doesn't contain microbeads.........click here for more about that.

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Gaby Fauchon said...

I tried salt but it's too harsh for my sensitive skin, but I d love baking soda! x

Nicola said...

You have used baking soda? x