11 Aug 2014

Let's stop buying into gimmicks so we can spend more money on quality products

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I love make up and beauty products (hence why I have a make up blog) but I try to be sensible about what I buy, I don't like to feel as if I am being ripped off but the problem is I think women are ripped off all the time we are seduced into buying products because of the celebrity who advertises it or the super fancy packaging and before we know it we have a very expensive list of daily essential products that are costing us an arm and a leg.

I am all for indulging and I have no problems spending money on myself, but what I am trying to say is why waste money on a product when you can buy the exact same quality product for half the cost? It just seems like madness to me.

As I have said before on here according to Perfume Parlor..........

Why Are High Street Brands A Rip off?

Did you know that just in the
UK, Brits spend a whopping £640m on perfumes, and half of this amount is generated during Christmas. But anyway, my point is that most of the perfumes that we buy, the actual liquid inside the bottle costs less than a pound... I am serious... that’s how much it costs. The rest of the amount we pay is actually covering the over the top packaging costs, advertisement & marketing costs, and the fees the designer house pays to a well known celebrity/model to be the face of the product.

But people are still buying into perfumes all the time! I was in boots a few days ago checking out Beyonce's new perfume and I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I saw all the pretty bottles of perfumes lined up in the cabinets and yes, they are gorgeous and the designs are getting all the more extravagant (for want of  a better word) but when I see them all competing to look the prettiest I realise all the more that the perfumers are selling the pretty bottles and the customers are buying into it.

I have lots of beautiful perfumes in my collection and of course a beautiful bottle of perfume looks lovely on a dressing table but I refuse to allow myself to keep buying into it because realistically I am the only one who will see the bottle and most perfumes don't come in handbag friendly sizes!

I don't want to spend loads of money on a pretty bottle when I can buy the same scent for a teeny fraction of the cost and have more money for a product that I really will get better use of especially when I know it cost the perfumer next to nothing to make!

I have noticed that a lot of the most popular perfumes round are the ones with the prettiest bottles, could it be that the reason why so many ladies love the perfume is because they love the bottle?

Another point about perfume is that there are lots of perfumes that smell the same or very similar for example I was checking out Beyonce's new perfume and in my opinion its samey, it smells very similar to Define from next which is far cheaper and I believe it's already a dupe for Armarni She.

I also find that in the world of beauty as a general rule, the first company who creates a product is then considered the best for example GHDs, I have nothing against them I think they are very good straighteners but I also think there are other straighteners which are also very good. Although I own GHDs myself once my hair became longer and I decided I needed wide plate straightener I bought myself some fantastic Remmington ones as they are excellent and far cheaper, why throw your money away?

I think we are all buying into the advertising way too much.

I was talking to someone the other day about moisturisers and I mentioned I used E45 and asked if she knew of anything better, I was told that the nurses at the hospital are convinced that aqueous cream is the best, it costs around £1.00 for a big tub! I have been using it and yes its just as good if not better, E45 costs around £10.00 for a big tub.

I am happy to pay more for something if I know I am getting the best quality I can afford or if it's worth paying out for.

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