6 Jul 2011

High Beam dupe

Hi ladies I'm just doing a quick post today to update you all on a product I recently found called high lights by Technic it's clearly a copy of Benefits high beam, it isn't even trying to be subtle!

I mentioned this purchase on my last post but have since then tried and tested it and although I haven't yet tried high beam I can say that high lights is fab it adds a beautiful glow and lasts all night, the evidence is in the picture I have added of me from my night out wearing (possibly far too much) high lights (give me a break I was newly single)

Is Benefit really worth the extra few quid?

Thanks for reading 

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Anonymous said...

Ladylike Post. This post helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

Chieri said...

I love this product! I've tested it against Benefit's High Beam and they both do the same job with big price differences.


The Beautiful Blog said...

thanks for your comment chieri :) why pay more eh xx