23 Jun 2011

Hair and beauty products I'm really rating!

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I really want to share with you some of the things I'm loving at the moment so firstly I think Avon deserves a mention, I have always used Avon make up and love the fact that I can have it delivered to my door but as I have said it is frustrating when you see really lovely shades but you don't know if the product will actually look the same when you receive it. I have been disappointed many times and parted with cash I could have better spent simply because the shade didn't actually look the same as it did in the brochure.

I have a solution to this problem though which is quite simple, all you have to do is ask your Avon lady for samples of the shades you are interested in which should cost about 20p per sample, perfect no more disappointments! I was actually given a choice of lipstick samples from my Avon lady/friend Yvonne and I picked one which I thought looked ok, but then once I had worn it for a few days I really loved it and now will be ordering, so I think it's worth buying a few just to see as I found you really need to try things out. Anyway the lipstick I fell for was called baby lips from the pro to go range which are fab as they just pop up, it was a subtle pink which wasn't too pigmented and had a subtle shine to it I loved the way it seemed to go with anything and I think this is a suits all colour well worth checking out.

Another product I must mention as I'm so impressed with is a lovely leave-in hair conditioner by Charles Worthington it's called hair healer and it really works, I am always a bit sceptical about leave-in conditioners as I haven't really found many that actually seem to do anything and some just make the hair too greasy but this stuff is magic because it makes the hair feel softer, look shinier, smells lovely, is affordable (around a fiver) and contains heat protection and argan oil need I say more. 

My cousin and aunt who both have chemically damaged hair (bleached) found it worked really well for them and in fact that's how I discovered it myself. I am really rating this conditioner and I think it will definitely be replaced as soon as I run out as I have used it every hair wash since I bought it!

Must also mention the Bourjois 3d effect lip glosses which are so beautiful, if you haven't tried them I recommend that you do, I know that Lisa Eldridge uses them in her make up kit and also Katie Price's make up artist/friend Gary Cockerill uses them on the lady herself so they must be doing something right! I have got at least five shades and I think one of the things I think I like the most is the applicator brush, so much better than a sponge one! These glosses are really girly and pretty, perfect for looking glam on a night out but that's not to say they can't be worn during the day too as some are more subtle and natural than others. 

Please excuse terrible photography!

I know I have mentioned Ponds cold cream cleanser but I really feel the need to mention this product again. I see that a lot of beauty blogger really love Simple skin care products especially for cleansing and toning which to me says they must be good which is why when I ran out of Ponds cold cream cleanser I bought some Simple cleanser but half way through I went and bought another Ponds cleanser as I found this is the cleanser for me. I think this is because of my dry skin type, and Ponds seems to cleanse with ease and make my skin feel soft and moisturised I just love it and would recommend it to anyone with dry skin, women have been using it for years for a reason. It's good.

This one is for all you girls who love a fake tan, if you haven't already tried st Moriz I think it's well worth a try, now I can't honestly say I'm a fake tan kinda girl but I like to have one around for the rare occasions I do use it. I also thought that it might help blend in the darker patches I have on my face (otherwise known as the mask of pregnancy) which get worse in the sun. Well I heard about this one on facebook I read a conversation between two girls who were super impressed with this even saying it's just as good as st Tropez and I meant to get some, then I was reading a article with Chloe from T.O.W.I.E and she said she uses it too! so I bought the mousse and I thought it was rather nice, I know I'm no expert but here's what I think.

The packaging is very good and looks expensive

it applies well and because it's instant you can see exactly what you are doing

the colour is nice and doesn't look at all orange

the only thing I would say is I don't think it lasts all that long maybe a couple of days but to me that's no problem at all.

I recommended this to a friend who does use fake tan and has tried a good few and she is very impressed and although she agreed it didn't last long she did also say that fake tan doesn't last long in general and also thought it came off nicely without looking really patchy, so at around £2.99 I think this product is amazing!

Maybelline have brought out a new pot eye liner, eye studio  lasting drama gel eye liner. There isn't many gel liners on the high street so I was pleased when this one came out and bought it shortly after hearing about it. I always use Rimmel eye pencils which are good for a rock chick look and have used the Sleek ink pots for a more defined line and I have been happy with them both. I have to admit though that Maybelline's eyeliner is excellent, it applies really smoothly and lasts ages, it also comes with a perfect little eyeliner brush, I like it so much that it will now be part of my make up kit on a permanent basis.

Has anyone seen the cute little dupes for Benefits high beam by the really low end brand Technic? Ive never used the benefit version but for £2.00 for the Technic version surely you cant go wrong? they look identical. I suppose I might have to get the high beam now so I can do a fair comparison.

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