7 Mar 2011

Beauty talk

Hi ladies

I hope everyone is looking and feeling fabulous!

I have had some highlights in my hair recently which I'm really happy with, I never thought I would suit my hair lighter but it's lovely I'm even tempted to have a few more especially with the summer coming.

So at the moment my mind is on chemically treated hair and how to keep it in the best possible condition as I think the condition of the hair is priority, anyway according to Scott Cornwall (One of my favourite hairdressers) the only treatment he recommends for bleach damaged hair is Philip Kingsley's The Elasticizer (and so if Scott Cornwall is recommending it I'm going to take it seriously as he has a very good understanding of the science of hair colouring and I'm always learning new bits from reading his face book page, he's clearly very very good at what he does.

Now I haven't tried The Elasticizer yet as I don't have really bleach damaged hair although if I had the money to spare I know I would and if I decide on more highlights I most likely will! But I am interested if anyone else has used it? and their experiences.

On his facebook page Scott also recommended coconut oil on damaged hair washed off with baby shampoo. Coconut oil is great for people who can't afford expensive treatments and I can vouch for it being a great (not to mention inexpensive product) I actually did a post on it!

On the subject of baby shampoo I have always known that it contains less chemicals, is more gentle on the hair plus it doesn't contain silicone but years ago (ha not too many) a respected hairdresser told me that baby shampoos were the wrong pH balance for the hair due to the manufacturers wanting to prioritise ensuring the shampoo didn't sting the babies eyes opting for a higher pH.

So I decided not to use baby shampoo and I think she was on to something as I have looked on the net and turns out a lot of baby shampoos contain a high pH and ideally a shampoo should be in the a pH factor that falls in the 4.5 - 6 range but I would like to find a good baby shampoo that is pH balanced so I can be that little bit kinder to my hair and I think there might be some out there.

Totally changing the subject and I know a lot of beauty bloggers wont like me saying this because its nice buying all of these pretty expensive lipsticks and foundations and all the other fab things we must have but I think if we are honest a lot of the time the cheaper versions are just as good sometimes better, I mean sorry I know Mac is very popular among beauty bloggers but how many limited edition stuff do they do? I just think it's all to easy to get caught up in it all and waste our money. I'm not saying all higher end stuff is rubbish but is the difference in quality really fairly reflected by the difference in price? I think the gap is bigger in the pricing.

Here's an example, a product I have been buying for years now is Cyclax Apricot scrub £0.99 in Savers I haven't found any other scrub that's as good value for money and it lasts ages I cant think of any reason why this product is any less value than any other face scub.


What are you best beauty bargains?

Thanks for reading

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