8 Jan 2011


Hi girls

Here is a really quick FOTN my first actually, I just picked a Lisa Eldridge video while getting ready so I didn't spend ages trying to figure out what make up look I wanted.

I was going out for my boyfriends work do and it was smart dress so I wanted to look my best.

The video I followed was called Kristen Stewart - Smudgy black pencil. Click HERE to watch.

I dont have the lippie on in this pic but if you haven't heard of it I can assure you it's fab, like a glossy peach nude.


Recover illuminating anti fatigue foundation from Rimmel London
Lacura Beauty concealer pen from Aldi
Shine away compact powder from Collection 2000
Shimmering Glow from Collection 2000


Blonde eyebrow pencil from Constance Carroll
Soft Kohl Kajal eye liner pencil from Rimmel London
Pastel Lumiere pearl eyeshadow gris paillettes 92 from Bourjois


Mirror shine lipstick in Bee hive from boots 17

Thanks for reading!


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