13 Dec 2010


Hello girls

Here is a very quick post to show you my first NOTD and also my first (in ages) uv gel extensions.
I spontaneously got all my nail stuff out and done set, I'm rather pleased with the results as I was expecting to be a little rusty.

It doesn't show much in the pic but I dded a little glitter.

If you remember in my last Beauty Talk post I was testing the Elegant Touch glue on nails to see how long they lasted, well I can say that they lasted a whole week without any falling off! And I was very pleased, I actually removed them to do my extensions, I think they would have lasted even longer but for me personally I would only want them on for a week anyway.

Thanks for reading

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Aoife said...

Woah you did those on yourself?? Amazing!

Miss LV said...

Love these!!


The Beautiful Blog said...

Thanks girls I had fun doing it too! x