9 Dec 2010

Collection 2000 EXTREME coloured lengthening mascara

Picture available soon

- Extreme colour and Extreme length!

- Creates bright and bold eyes

- Set trends with four intense, high powered hues including purple, blue, teal and black

I bought this mascara the other day as I had run out of mascara, I personally don't really buy into all the gimmicks that come with mascaras like the whole lash growth stuff especially after reading Beauty and the Bullshit!

I like a mascara to be nice and thick (I hate really dry mascara), I want a mascara that doesn't flake and for the brush to be straight oh and good separation too because some mascaras are just horrible and clump! I don't really know how else to describe what I want in a mascara but I do know a good one from a bad one.

I quite often buy collection 2000 mascaras because I find that they work well and they are so reasonably priced, I do like the max factor mascaras too.

Anyway I saw the new EXTREME coloured lengthening mascara and thought I would try it (in black) and so far I think it's the best Collection 2000 mascara I have tried! It works really well, I especially love that I can re-apply it easily later in the day if I feel like it and I will definitely repurchase it because I really like it.

The only thing criticism I have is the writing on the packaging wears off and I would like a teeny bit more separation but that really is all.
I do admit that I haven't tried a big variety of mascara and I do accept that so for the sake of my blog I shall try more brands although I suspect that there wont be a difference between the lower priced ones and the more expensive ones other than the packaging, but for a couple of quid this mascara is well worth checking out.

 What is your favourite mascara?

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