5 Dec 2010

Beauty talk

Hello ladies

I had a little moan about the little round Vaseline pots in my last Beauty talk post because I was getting fed up with struggling to open them but since then Vaseline has changed the pots slightly so now they open far more easily (yay) I know this because the other day I left my little make up travel bag at home and needed to get lip balm so I decided to get the cocoa butter lip balm from Vaseline as I don't already have it and it's rather lovely.

I have been using my Take the Heat three minute miracle b Aussie to keep my hair nice and soft and protected and I have been using the leave in spray too. I very rarely use straighteners on my hair but I have noticed blow drying isn't drying out my hair like it would normally do so I'm putting it down to the Aussie products, I have to admit I'm a little sceptical about heat protection products, I have looked on the net and lots of people think they work just that they don't work miracles and I thnk that's fair enough.

I have been trying glue on nails at the moment as I keep hearing about how good they are on lots of other blogs and my friend Vicky reccomends them too, I'm glad I have discovered how great they are (thanks girls) I'm loving them already especially how easy they are to apply and they are far less expensive than extensions. I am currently using Elegant Touch classic french American girl pink in medium length and I got lucky first time as I didn't need to file any of the nails to fit.
So far I have been wearing them for three days and all is well, if they last me a week I will be pleased with that (I shall keep you posted) unfortunately I can't remember how long they are supposed to last but I think it said 14 days on the pack.

I can't wait to try other brands and styles now, especially the retro/burlesque mani ever since I read a post on *LipsTitsTeethHips* I just think they look gorgeous so I will definitely be trying this style soon.

Has anyone seen the new Goody hairbrush range in Asda? I went in there the other day and they had all these new hairbrushes they were gorgeous so I thought I would try the Gelous grip vent brush. 

Grab the comfort gel handle and add volume and body to your style as you dry with the Goody Gelous Grip Vent Brush. The ion-infused ball-tip bristles will help to alleviate annoying static to leave your hair glossy, shiny and frizz free.

I have found lots of brushes that have been great other than the fact that the brush handle didn't have a good grip, so I knew I would like this brush as I don't think you can really go wring with a vent brush.

There were all sorts of diferent types of goody brushes to try HERE is the website.

Thanks for reading.

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