17 Nov 2010

My new hair colour

I have been meaning to colour my hair a nice slightly darker shade for a while now, I don't want to commit to a colour and I thought a semi permanent would be perfect for a little change.

I really only wanted a tiny bit darker (think of a toffee colour) more to give my hair a bit of a healthy shine because it has been treated with colour remover then I had some highlights so I didn't actually have any tint on my hair and I wanted it to be more vibrant especially now with the time of year it's nice to go a bit darker.

Here is my previous colour, it is slightly lighter than it looks in the pic

I bought a couple of packets of Clairol nice and easy which lasts up to twenty four shampoos in shade medium gold, I was hoping for a far lighter result than the one I got, although the colour is gorgeous it's just too similar to the colour I had for years and the whole reason I went lighter was for a change, that said I'm not too disappointed because somewhere along the way I will get the result I want as the colour fades and I suit dark colours really well.

My hair as it is now (I would have liked a better pic but it wasn't meant to be today)

Next time I will know how this colour comes out and be able to make a more educated choice so all in all I'm happy with my hair but out of the two colours think I prefer my hair before I tinted it, that said I think the first pic is a lot better, it's a completely different lighting too, one seems warm and the other cold so I think maybe that is swaying me a little.

I shall have to add more pics, I would love to hear every ones hair colouring experiences.

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