23 Nov 2010

About make up storage

After re organising my make up and girly stuff I decided to do this post, I love reading posts about make up storage because lets face it, there doesn't seem to be a perfect solution and I don't think that there can be right or wrongs because girls like us are artistic and have our own little ways of storing our stuff.

I personally love things to be organised but when I look at some of the fab posts on make up storage I realise I could be so much more organised.

Thing is until I started blogging I didn't read blogs I barely knew what a blog was I just never though about it, so until I discovered the wonderful world of blogging I was the only girl I knew who was as into make up and hair and I kind of felt like I was a bit strange because of how much make up I had and the fact I liked to keep eyes, face and lips stuff separate.

Most girls I knew before had mucky make up bags they carried in their hand bags which they seemed to view as something that served a purpose, like putting on make up in the morning was a chore that had to be done! To me this was strange! How can any girl not enjoy applying make up? or buying it? but apparently I was the odd one out, the amount of times I tried to talk about my latest favourite lippie only to realise that the person I was talking to just didn't get me.

Anyway I'm going off track, basically the fact a have a wall in my room dedicated to my make up and hair stuff plus boxes of hair products and body products under my bed, well it embarrassed me a little, I felt like people would think I was a bit ott but now I have started reading blogs I love that there are girls who are as passionate as me about being girly, loving make up, smelling gorgeous and just looking lovely! And some of the beautiful storage solutions are amazing and make mine look rather modest in comparison and quite small too, so now I not only feel happy that I can read all these really interesting blogs but I have inspiration to make my storage look good not just practical.

At the moment this is what my storage looks like, as you can see it serves a purpose and I love it but it's not what I really want, to be fair I have to share a room with my boyfriend so I can't do too much because most likely we will have wardrobes either side of the door so I'm either going to have to be really clever with designing a new storage solution or really really nice to my boyfriend and hope we can figure out a way for me to still have my wall, basically I have quite a bit of stuff and need to think of a nice way to organize it in a rather small bedroom, so I am open to any suggestions.

My bottom shelf has around half of my perfumes (the ones I use currently or just like the most) and next to the perfume is my travel hood dryer (I love rollers)

Second shelf up is boxes of wigs and hair pieces, nail varnishes, nail accessories, and hair accessories.

Third shelf up is little draws with rings and a few earrings, eye pencils, lip pencils, hair bands and pins (which should probably go with hair accessories but I reach for them daily), a little random drawer for odd bits, my make up brushes in and my hair combs and scissors in the silver pots.

Fourth shelf up is my three make up boxes with make up divided simply into three, eyes, face and lips I would like to divide it up more I need better storage boxes and dividers.

And lastly on the top is a box for hair removal products and razors etc, my wax heater, boxes containing my hairdressing clippers and hair extension equipment.

I love looking at pics of other girls make storage so I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading girlies.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post. My makeup storage is pitiful (as is my makeup collection..). I do try to organize my makeup as much as I can though! I use those miniature three-drawer units and a few miniature plastic milk crates (I guess that's what you would call them!) I really like the way that you have organized your things, very neat and clean! If you find a new way to store your makeup, please share with us :)

The Beautiful Blog said...

I shall definatly share x have you looked on BUBBLEGARM? she loves her make up storage x

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

I don't know why I love looking at Makeup storage so much, but I do. It's like p0rn for me! I'm so excited to organise my new dressing table, but I need to clean it first, and I've not been bothered to do it yet!! xx

The Beautiful Blog said...

I love looking at make up storage too! I suppose we are all looking for new better ideas xxx