23 Nov 2010

JMLs Bumpits dupe from Poundland!

Hi girls, today I popped into poundland to get a few bits and noticed some volumising inserts by Allura  so I thought I would give them a try since the price is so reasonable.

Poundlands version

Anyway when I got home and opened them I discovered they are exactly the same as the JML Bumpits but obviously far cheaper, you literally get all the same pieces you do with the JML.

above poundland and below JML

If you are not familiar with Bumpits I urge you to follow this link here.

I have looked on the pound land website and can't find them anywhere but hopefully they are on sale in all the poundland stores so all you girls can get your perfectly manicured claws on them too.

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UrbanMermaid said...

I got the original ones but don't use them anymore.. not very practical and I'm always affraid they'll fall off or something, how embarrasing would that be? lol

The Beautiful Blog said...

lol it would be, I want to do a post about them actually, I think they are best for medium to thick hair. I have found them really good and not worried about them falling out.

Thaks for your comment love to hear from everyone x