5 Nov 2010

Frizz fighter from herbal essences

The other day when I popped to sainsburys for a few bits I had a stroll down the shampoo and conditioner isle as I always do and as usual they had a rather limited selection, the herbal essences range always catches my eye because of the gorgeous colours so I was having a little look and decided to give the frizz fighter shampoo and conditioner a try.

I think it would be really good if herbal essences brought out a serum and leave in conditioner in the frizz fighter range but at the moment it's just the shampoo and conditioner, it could be more interesting.

I know that these shampoos are quite good and I didn't doubt I would be pleased with the quality, I thought the products would perform well but I didn't actually expect that my hair would be less frizzy I just thought I would give it a go as my hair isn't really frizzy at all but I do get a little bit of frizz.

I was right, I did like it, but I was actually a little pleasantly surprised to see that my hair was less frizzy, I noticed this when I was blow drying that it was smoother than usual and when I washed my hair again I left it to dry naturally and I also noticed it was smoother than it usually is when I leave it to dry naturally.

Now this is not a miracle product I think a shampoo and conditioner can only do so much, but like I said it did make a difference.

I did everything I would usually do, I used the same brushes the same hair serum etc to make this a fair test too, so would I buy this again? yeah I would I will always try out new things as I always have done but I am glad I have found a frizz fighting shampoo and conditioner that actually does work even if it doesn't work miracles.

Has anyone else found any good frizz fighters?

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