2 Nov 2010

Thinking about getting a new hair cut?

So you are thinking about getting a new haircut? I'm not talking about a couple of inches off I'm talking about changing the shape of the cut you already have.
I think the first question is why are you changing your cut? sometimes we can change our hair for the wrong reasons, once I decided to try going blonde spontaneously because I was feeling so rubbish about splitting up with a boyfriend and I wasn't thinking straight but once I had bleached my hair it was awful and very damaged, I had to go to a hair salon to have it sorted out. When you are feeling down is probably one of the worst times to make a choice about your hair!

I think it is very important to really think about what you want and to give yourself some time to make the decision or you may seriously regret it, hair takes time to grow back and living with bad hair is no fun, let’s face it your hair is your crowning glory an accessory you wear every day, you have to like it, no you have to love it.

I have spent ages growing my hair, it still isn't as long as I would like mostly because it grows very slowly it’s the longest it has ever been, but I still get bored and the idea of a shorter do does sometimes seem like a good one but I know that I would regret it because I want my hair long so I try to do something different with it which doesn't involve cutting just to add some interest.
There are loads of other things you can do with hair that will make a change like a semi permanent hair colour or even a wash in wash out colour, wearing it up if you always wear it down or vice versa, curling it if you always straighten it, accessories are fun too, well you get what I'm saying. Sometime it's just a change you want not necessarily a new cut.

So if you have really thought it through and you do want to cut your hair then that's great! Now you just have to decide on the cut.

There are three important things to consider, your face shape, your hair type and your lifestyle.

Firstly face shapes, now the real thing to remember is that the ideal face shape is oval, so if you do not have an oval face you may want (optional but advisable) to pick a style that will make your face appear more oval for example if your face shape is round having more volume on the top will add length, and if your face is long having volume at the sides will give more width both will help create the look of a more oval shape.
Of course the styling of the hair will play a part too but you need to begin with the most suitable that will flatter your face shape.
I think that having the right haircut for your face is essential but, I also must mention that there are some people who will have such a strong sense of style that they won’t let these rules dictate their hair decisions and hats off to them because if you have the confidence to wear a cut that doesn't really suit you, you will still shine regardless and there are some very beautiful women who embrace their so called imperfections and look amazing.
Next what type of hair do you have firstly there is the texture which is basically how thick or fine each strand is, do you have fine hair or is it just medium? Not too fine or too thick.
Then there is density which means how much hair you have on your head, some people may have fine textured hair but it may be really dense or at the other end of the spectrum you may have someone who has very thick textured hair but it is also very sparse.

It really helps to know your hair and learn how it behaves.
I would say I have medium textured hair that is quite dense (most people would think I have thick hair) I have a wave in it too. If I was to add evenly distributed layers in my hair all the way through the shape would not look good I have had this style before and it looked rubbish like I had a mushroom an my head but when I added layers to my hair but keeping them mostly on the surface and leaving a lot of my longer hair underneath without layers it looked great and I still had the shorter layers. Now if I'm confusing you not to worry all you need to know is what suits you it doesn't really matter that you know exactly why it suits you or all the technical stuff because if you wanted to know all that you would have gone and trained as a hairdresser! you just want your hair to look good which I think is perfectly reasonable.

You may think that it is your stylists job to think about all of these things and your are spot on right but I say take responsibility and do your own research anyway because unfortunately there are some hairdressers who don’t take all of these things into consideration (although they very well should!) for whatever reason and you may end up with a cut that isn't right for you rather than a cut that is great for you.
So find out what your hairs texture and density is because the wrong shaped cut could be disastrous!
Another thing to consider is do you need to wear your hair up for any reason? If you do then you might not want to go too short.
Also if you are busy mum of three with thick curly hair you really don’t want a cut that only looks good when it's straightened because it's just not practical.

Some styles are achievable with a bit of time and effort that's fine if you have the time otherwise you need something more practical.

Any hair cut that requires that you change the texture of your hair to style it (e.g a sleek bob when you have curly hair) is going to be high maintenance.

Short styles will require more frequent visits to the salon to maintain, you have to think about whether you have the time and money to do this.

A bob can be adapted to suit anyone and any age and never goes out of fashion.

Try websites such as the daily makeover which allow you to upload a picture of yourself and try out a variety of haircuts and colours.
The more you know about your hair and what suits you the better, one of the best tips is to find a celebrity who has the same face shape and hair type as you do and then you have a perfect example of your ideal styles.

If you know someone who has hair you love and you think their style would work for you, ask them who does their hair and go and see their stylist for a consultation.

You deserve to have a great hair cut and with a bit of thought you can have one so don’t rush into anything, know your hair, do your homework, find a stylist you feel confident in and have that gorgeous hair cut. 

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Aoife said...

I just went on that website and had loads of fun! I'm convincing myself that i'll look good as a redhead or with ombre highlights....... We'll see lol.

The Beautiful Blog said...

It is fun isnt it! I think you could pull red off actually but the dark looks really good though, have you heard of colour b4? don't change colour without it it's amazing!