4 Oct 2010

Rimmel Sunshimmer and beauty serum

I really like Rimmel Sunshimmer and have been using it on my face as a bronzer for a long time because I really like the natural colour (not at all orange) and the fact it washes off, but I have found it's quite difficult to blend as it sets really quickly and as I'm so fair at times even the light Sunshimmer can look too dark so in the past I have just used a teeny bit on my face and rubbed it in as quickly as I could.
The other day I had an idea that I would mix it with some serum so I got a bit of my multi intensive serum by Lacura and mixed them together to make a really nice bronzing serum and because I can control the ratios I can make it so it comes out a bit lighter by adding smaller amounts of the bronzer to the serum.
Mixing these products makes a really easy to use expensive looking bronzer so I shall get a nice little pot to put my new bronzing serum in as I will definitely use this a lot.

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