5 Oct 2010

A few words

Hi everyone sorry for lack of posts lately I realised I was neglecting everyone because of my blogging obsession so I'm trying to find a balance as without a bit of self control I would be on my computer all day otherwise.
Well I'm still waiting for my new Herve Leger perfume from Avon to arrive and today I placed an order with ELF so I'm really looking forward to trying it all out.

I started this blog because I love makeup and hair products sooo much I always have done probably always will do! I wanted to share what I know with people who love it too and I am starting to realise there is sooo much more I can learn from all the fabulous girly bloggers out there! I feel like I have access to the very best recommendations I always buy the weekly mags for the beauty pages but those mags have got nothing on you beauty bloggers, I know I'm getting the real deal and lots of great advice, I am absolutely loving reading all your blogs girls thank you for all the great tips, I have sooo many products I cannot wait to get my claws on  now.

I did start to think but all these other bloggers are so fab how am I going to write about anything that hasn't already been written about? Shit! I thought I'm not as great at this as I thought I would be there are loads of girls doing this and I don't know as much as I thought I did, but then after a while I realised I was looking at it all wrong because it doesn't matter if someone else has written about something that I want to write about or if my blog isn't as interesting or clever, what matters is that I blog about what I want to actually what I love to blog about and I do it my way as best as I can and most of all I enjoy it.

So I'm feeling better about blogging again and am very happy to be part of the beauty blogging community (I don't have any makeup addict friends I'm afraid) it's very nice to know there are other girlie's out there just like me who love their makeup and shampoos and that I'm not crazy or just plain strange for getting excited about a new mascara or perfume.

Anyway neglecting everyone again must go speak soon.

Are you following this blog?


Beth said...

You're exactly right - you've got to write what comes naturally and not worry what other people have already blogged about.

It'll be reflected in your writing and as a reader you can definitely tell the bloggers who love what they're writing about vs those who are just churning out another review.


The Beautiful Blog said...

Thanks for your comment Beth I really love hearing from other girls like who love their beauty blogs! x