7 Oct 2010

My e.l.f makeup

Yay my e.l.f makeup arrived! I know all you beauty bloggers have heard of e.l.f (eyes lips face) but I'm sure there are a lot of people who don't know about it so for you people here is what e.l.f is about in their own words

"In today's world, beauty and wellness go hand in hand - it's a holistic approach that places good health and wellbeing at the center of what it means to be truly beautiful. Beauty comes from feeling and being your best, an inner confidence that translates to the outer-world as attractiveness.

e.l.f.'s philosophy is that beauty comes from within and it's our goal to enable every woman to look and feel her personal best through the perfect blend of both the inner and outer person. With that goal in mind, e.l.f. cosmetics was born - a line of simple, luxurious, problem-solution tools that allow you to showcase and believe in your unique, personal beauty. Our cosmetics are designed to improve and accentuate the individual, not hide her away.

We at e.l.f. believe that innovative technology, quality ingredients and superb delivery systems should not be limited to prestige retailers. Every woman should have the opportunity to participate in innovation, without sacrificing her budget. We hope you agree and invite you to experience e.l.f.'s revolutionary, value-priced cosmetics and the proven results they offer"

Anyway here's a pic and what I purchased including prices

ItemItem DetailsUnit PriceQtyTotal

hypershine lip glossNEW - Berry Cherry£1.501£1.50
hypershine lip glossVixen£1.501£1.50
luscious liquid lipstickMaple Sugar£1.501£1.50
Shimmering Facial WhipGolden Peach£1.501£1.50
Duo Eye Shadow CreamButter Pecan£1.501£1.50
plumping lip glazeNEW - Peach Passion£1.501£1.50
Brightening Eye LinerAsh£1.501£1.50
All Over Color StickPink Lemonade£1.501£1.50
Eyelid PrimerEyelid Primer (Sheer)£1.501£1.50
Liquid EyeshadowMocha Madness£1.501£1.50
Smudge Eye SpongeSmudge Eye Sponge£1.501£1.50
Waterproof Eyeliner PenBlack£1.501£1.50
LipstickNEW - Gypsy£1.501£1.50
Natural Radiance BlusherBronzed£1.501£1.50
Eyeliner BrushEyeliner Brush£1.501£1.50
Healthy Glow Bronzing PowderSun Kissed£1.501£1.50
Shimmering Facial WhipToasted£1.501£1.50
all over color stickPersimmon£1.501£1.50
luscious liquid lipstickNEW - Strawberry£1.501£1.50
Liquid EyeshadowCoco Loco£1.501£1.50
Liquid EyeshadowSexy Silver£1.501£1.50

Total Price:£31.50

So as you can see you get a lot for £31.50 but what did I make of it? Well so far I'm quite impressed it's good value for money, some of the products were smaller than I expected those were the liquid eye shadows facial whips, blusher and colour sticks but as the prices are so reasonable it isn't a problem, all of the other products were average sizes.

I didn't like all of the shades as there is a difference between the colours you see on the e.l.f website and what you seen in real life but I think that is a risk you take when buying online so I really didn't expect to like all the shades.

The hypershine glosses, plumping lip glaze, liquid lipsticks, facial whips, colour sticks are all scented and my nose agreed with them all, you can find out the scents on the website.

Application? I would have preferred the facial whip if it was a little more blendable but other than that all of the products applied well I especially liked the feel of the hypershine lip glosses and was pleased that they had a brush applicator.

As far as the pigment goes I'd say all the glosses were quite sheer so if you are looking for something subtle these shades would be good, I'm not convinced my lips were made bigger by the plumping gloss but I didn't expect them to be anyway.
The lipsticks were all nice and smooth and and well pigmented I didn't suit these shades very much but that's all that I didn't like about them.
The liquid eye shadows are very nice and I loved all the shades, you may need two applications to get the full colour but I quite like that I have the option to go subtle or strong and they layer nicely, once they dry they don’t smudge.
I also liked the creamy eye shadow duo it was a gorgeous colour and lovely to blend.
The eyeshadow primer gave a nice light base but without using it more I really can't say if it really worked (I'm confident it will though)

The facial whips and colour sticks were very natural and I can’t fault the colours, I found the colour sticks more blendable than the facial whips but liked both products very much.
The blusher and bronzer were again great colours and I think worked really well with my pale skin, I didn't like that when I applied the brush to these there was a lot of powder coming off, I will go easy when using these to avoid applying too much but I do really really like the colours so I will take the good with the bad.

As for the waterproof eyeliner pen I was pleased it was easy to use I need to use it for longer to really make up my mind on this though but so far so good, the eyeliner pencil a bit too smudgy for me so I wouldn't buy it again.

I wasn't keen on the liner brush as it was too hard and gave too thick a line, I'm sure I will find a use for it and I couldn't fault the smudger though.

So all in all I was pleased with e.l.f I like that some of the products are quite small, I loved the smell of the hypershine glosses, loved the website and speedy delivery and I will order from e.l.f again.

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Melly said...

The shimmering facial whip lasts forever, even though it's such a tiny package.. i use mine just after i've applied my moisturizes.. this way product blends much easier, and this way even less product used :)
Following you from now on :D

The Beautiful Blog said...

Hi Melly sorry for such a late reply to your comment! I am loving the facial whips more and more lately so do u apply foundation over the top of the facial whip?
Thanks for the comment I love getting them x