9 Oct 2010

My lovely perfume arrived today!

Today the Herve Leger perfume I ordered from Avon arrived so I'm happy I love perfume so much as I'm sure anyone who reads this will already know.

I don't usually order much perfume from Avon because I haven't had many that I have really got on with although I do like Rare Gold and Perceive, but when I saw the ad for the Herve Leger one I loved the bottle straight away then I tested the scented page and really really liked it so I placed an order.

Anyway I don't want to repeat myself as I have already posted about this order so I shall just tell you what I think.

I don't think there is much to say really, as you can see the bottle is gorgeous and classy and the purse spray is going to last me ages because it's a good size not to mention look lovely in my bag! I think I shall use the whole set tomorrow night for when I go out for dinner with my boyfriend.

I think this is quite a versatile perfume because it's not overpowering but it's still quite sexy so I would wear it day and night, if I had to pick I would say it's more suited to evenings though, It is an ideal perfume for Autumn with it's exotic florals and honeyed woods.

I do understand that everyone has different tastes in perfume and just because I like this one it doesn't mean that everyone else will which is the great thing about Avon samples, all you have to do is ask the lovely Avon lady for a tester and you can try it yourself which I think is really good.

I went to boots perfume counter the other day and asked if they had any testers and the lady said they had stopped doing them and offered me the option to spray a piece of card! sorry but it might not smell like that when it's on my skin and how will I know if I really like it if I can't wear it? I might like it for an hour then decide it really isn't that nice at all, so thanks Avon for giving us the chance to try before we buy.

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Miss LV said...

The bottle is gorgeous, I will have to deffinatley try a tester from my avon rep. I bet this looks lovely on a dressing table. I know its bad but the bottle is as just as important as the perfume in my opinion and I am loving this one.

Fab post!


The Beautiful Blog said...

It is lovely! I wish I had a dressing table to put mine on lol I hope you like it as much as I do x