11 Oct 2010

Don't throw out your nail polish just yet!

Before I discovered nail polish thinner I would have never finished a bottle of polish as it would become too gloopy to use by the time I was past the half way mark (what a waste of money) and nothing is worse than trying to work with gloopy polish.

Then I studied nail extensions and discovered polish thinner there, now I would recommend it to anyone who buys nail polish! All you do is when you notice one of your beloved polishes is getting a bit difficult to use, just add a couple of drops of thinner to the bottle and ta da it's like new again!

Now I know some of you may already use nail polish remover for this purpose but it's not the same, remover can alter the colour of the polish but thinner won’t do that and you don’t want to ruin an expensive product by using the wrong product.

I have a lot of polish but only because I use thinner otherwise they would all go gloopy before I had the chance to use them all and I’m just one of those people who does need variety so thank you polish thinner.

If you would like to get some thinner I think the best place to look is eBay or if you have access to a beauty wholesaler, it’s usually very reasonable.

What nail polish do you love at the moment?

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*Daisy Loves.. said...

Ooh what a good idea! I havent seen this before, better go have a search on ebay!

Daisy x

The Beautiful Blog said...

yes it's so handy! I used to hate throwing away polish because it had gone gloopy x