12 Oct 2010

Makeup dupes from Silk Naturals

Whilst surfing the net looking for dupes I finally found something quite interesting I'm sorry that I can't remember the blog or the lovely lady whose comment about Silk Naturals that led me to this great find.
Silk Naturals is a good website to go to if you are looking for a good dupe (although this site is not all about dupes it has its own makeup brand as well) as when they get a lot of requests for a particular product they make their own copy , all in all they only have about 54 dupes but to be fair they must be very popular.
If you have an expensive product you love or would like to try but want a cheaper version all you have to do is click on ‘famous brand colour clones’ or type in the search bar the name/shade of the product you are looking for and if they have it the dupe it will come up.
The dupes include blush, bronzer, glow, eyeshadow, gloss, lipstick and Mac.
Here is what Silk Naturals say in the ‘about us’ section
Welcome to our web site! My name is Karen Stark and I own Silk Naturals.  I founded SN in 2006 because after years of trying to find just the right makeup- I gave-up my search and decided to make my own.  We started small, very small- with just one product- Perfecting Powder.  Our little business took off pretty much immediately- mostly because of our happy, loyal customers.  Since then we've added about 400 products based mainly on your requests. 
Our philosophy is that makeup should be fun. Good makeup, made with great ingredients, sold with integrity and kindness is fun. Make up that does what the description says, that lasts all day, lip glosses that taste great, and concealers that make you look like you were born flawless- is fun.  Overpriced, over-hyped, bad makeup made with junky ingredients isn't fun- so we really go out of our way to make sure that it's all fun, and that you love being our customers.
Everything we do at Silk Naturals is aimed towards giving you the best possible experience- simply because it's more fun for everyone that way.  We research each ingredient we use very thoroughly- reading clinical trials, safety data, and anything we can get our hands on.  Each product is tested, tested, and tested some more.  It can take 6 months or more to create a new formula simply because of the rigorous testing that we do. 
Before I started Silk Naturals I worked at a lot of different things- from managing a photo lab to selling envelopes to owning a software company along wtih my husband Kris. Most of those jobs were just that- jobs- I punched the clock, and they paid the bills (mostly). I own Silk Naturals because it's fun. I take it seriously, but really, getting to wake up in the morning and make a pound of lipgloss is this girl's dream come true.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments about anything. Our business is great because of customers like you, and we love hearing from you.

Have fun!l”

I haven’t tried anything from this website yet but I’m interested, so far my only concern which may sound a little silly is that there are some spelling mistakes on the website as you may notice in the text above, things like this make me question the professionalism of a site especially if it is selling a product, Am I being overly critical?
I’m very interested to hear if anyone has tried Silk Naturals?


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Catanya said...

I have not tried anything from them either, to be honest! First time I hear from them! I am aslo really interested on finding good dupes out there.
Great blog, I am following it now,

The Beautiful Blog said...

Aw thanks for following my blog Catanya :) I love dupes too I will be sure to put more on as soon as possible x

Frckls said...

I think you must be crazy not to try any of their product! I know the typos and misspelling are nerve-wrecking (I'm a bit crazy about that), but boy the products are not to be missed!

Eyeshadows are super pigmented and the colors are AMAZING. Lippies are super moist and comfortable, my sister cannot live without them (and me as well). Blushes are mostly pigmented and long lasting and pretty. Skincare has helped me a lot!

Give it a shot. I guarantee you won't regret it one bit!