14 Oct 2010

False eyelashes on a budget!

Hello everyone

I am doing this post because I have been... let’s just say financially challenged at the moment with xmas and just everyday life so I haven't had the money to spend on all the lovely things I would like but because of this I am able to do more posts like this one.

Anyway I have been feeling a bit rubbish about my eyes lately, I had a rhinoplasty in July and even though I am really happy with the results now have to patiently wait for the dark circles under my eyes to fade away which usually takes between six and ten weeks but some people have been known to take a whole year and to make things even worse I read somewhere that for some people the dark circles don't ever go (scared) although I'm sure this is very unusual if it is at all true.

So not being a false eyelash kind of girl I have had a change of heart, I just want to feel better about my eyes and if that means wearing false eyelashes and risking becoming a false eyelash addict then so be it. But I have been doing it in a (little bit) subtle way I haven't opted for the full lash I have been enhancing my eyes with a half lash and I have been doing it very cost effectively.

I'm no expert on falsies but I can't see what the difference between the £1.99 set and the £9.99 set is so I decided to go on eBay and see if I could find some really inexpensive false eyelashes for me to use especially while I'm still getting the hang of it all.

So I found ten sets of long thick black eyelashes for £0.99 from a shop called bindifashion which arrived yesterday.

The packaging looked quite cheap but for £0.99 I wouldn’t care if they sent them in an envelope it’s the eyelashes I want to wear after all.


I haven't got enough experience to say whether or not the eyelashes looked cheap but I was happy with the shape and size of them and as long as they look good when I'm wearing them that's all I care about, they don't come with glue but I have my own so all good there, I think good glue is probably the important bit.

I took one eyelash strip.


Trimmed off edges and cut it in half.


Then I applied one of the halves to the outer half of my left eye ensuring that the longer lashes were on the outside, I did the same with the other half to my right eye.

Now my eyes are really enhanced without looking too full on (if you want to be more subtle especially for day just order thinner lashes).
This has cost me next to nothing especially since I only use one strip for both eyes and I find it far easier to apply half an eyelash than a whole one so I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting to use falsies and to anyone who likes a bargain.

Tip if the false eyelash isn't sitting right on the eye because it's too straight; bend it around your finger to get more of a curve and a better fit.

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Aoife said...

Oh i never thought of doing that! They look alot more natural. Your eyes look gorgeous! .x

The Beautiful Blog said...

Thank u Aoife that's nice of u to say x