15 Oct 2010

The long lost perfume

I went to my nans house the other day because I still had some bits there from years ago when me and my boyfriend lived there in between moving.

I remember we were living in a house in the area we had both grown up in and I was training to be a hairdresser (nostalgia) things were really different then, we didn't have any kids we were really young ourselves and it was all quite exciting and new.

I had bought myself a really lovely perfume (on my rubbish wages ha) called Sicily by Dolce and Gabbana which I really loved it was very 'me' at the time, but I lost it and I hadn't seen it for years until I went to get my old stuff.

I was going through an old box of photographs and there it was at the bottom! I couldn't believe it I thought I had well and truly lost that perfume (even though I don't usually lose things) I was really happy to see it, I sprayed a little on my wrist and it was still ok, most likely because it had been in the dark all this time.

I never in all this time replaced that perfume but I'm so happy to have it back because one spritz of it brings back so may feelings of that special time some good some bad but it's always nice to get a bit nostalgic every once in a while.

Top notes
Absolute Jasmine
Black Pearl Rose

Heart notes
Sicilian Bergamots

Base notes

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