25 Oct 2010

Three of my favourite things

Hi everyone as you may well know I'm not really in the money at the moment (violins please) so I can't go and buy myself lots of lovely new makeup and perfumes like I normally would which is extremely frustrating but I think there is always a positive and to be honest I do have a lot so I think this is a great opportunity to appreciate the things I do have and I am actually enjoying myself doing that.
One of the things I am really glad I rediscovered is lovely lip product from natural collection called fondant, its a gorgeous nude peach colour which looks better on than in the packaging. The reason I call it a lip product is because it's packaged like a gloss but it's more like a shiny lipstick, I bought it ages ago and didn't like it much at the time but now I don't know why I didn't maybe it was because I was expecting a gloss and it wasn't really that glossy, but mixed with a bit of clear gloss it would be.
The only down side to this product is it wears off rather quickly but to be fair nothing lasts long on my lips anyway and I think that the fact it wears off is not a problem simply because I think the colour is so lovely, I haven't found a nude colour I like more. What I also really like is how it can be built up so I can have it really sheer or really full on nude it's gorgeous.

Another product which I think deserves a mention is my Barbara Daly concealer, it's a blemish concealer rather than undereye concealer and it really does an excellent job.
I haven't used anything that has worked as well as this and I know Rimmels hide the blemish is a best seller and I do one own but it just isn't anywhere near as good as my Barbara Daly concealer.
The concealer comes in a little square pot, it is very thick but doesn't look cakey on, it covers and blends really well, I can't fault this concealer at all and I own all three shades.

Also I must mention my Agent Provocateur perfume because it is in my opinion the sexiest perfume I have ever smelt, it's obviously designed to be sexy the fact it's made by Agent Provocatuer and the bottle also gives that away, but if it was sold in asda and called 'perfume' I would still be saying it's the sexiest perfume ever.
My boyfriend is not governed by his sense of smell, his sense of touch and sight? yes but smell? no, and even he will always mention how sexy I smell when I wear Agent Provocateur so surely that is the proof of how amazing this perfume is!

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Makeup Savvy said...

I bought Fondant only last week & also love it now.
Have afew other lipglosses from the range that are also great.

Will have to check out the Barbara Daly concealer too...looks really good!

Fee x

The Beautiful Blog said...

oh let me no how you get on with it!

I think the natural collection are pretty good especially considering how inexpensive they are, I just think i's great that my perfect nude is so reasonably priced because I'm going to get through a lot of it!

Thanks for the photography tips on your blog by the way they were really useful x

Aoife said...

Oh that barbara daly concealer is the shizznit! Honestly i dont use anything else for my blemishes (and i have alot!). Ive tried other concealers but always end up coming back to this one! .x

The Beautiful Blog said...

your skin looks great in your pics! x