2 Oct 2010

Lisa Eldridge makeup videos

I have been looking for some new makeup ideas lately as I really love my usual black eyeliner look I have to try and do other things to dodge being stuck in a makeup rut and I wanted something fresh and different for when I next go out.
I like to make my eyes the focus of my makeup I think they are one of my best features so I had a look on LisaEldridge.com and found a stunning evening look that Lisa had done on Nicole Ritchie for the cover of Uk Instyle magazine, a really dark purple eye focusing on the eye lid rather than blended all the way up to the eyebrow, it's almost like it has two halves the outer is really black with a thick black line along the lashes and the inner a purple with pink glitter and a thinner line along the lashes, just have  look it's gorgeous!
What I love about this website is well everything Lisa explains herself really well and gives a lot of information, her voice is lovely so she’s a pleasure to listen to and she gives you a list of everything she uses for each look, a lot of the stuff she uses is high end but you can always find a cheaper alternative and she does use some inexpensive stuff too.
This is a brilliant place to start for anyone who wants to learn more about how to apply makeup; I'm recommending that you defiantly add this to your favourites; the only con for me is I just want everything she uses and I just can’t have it all!
Here is my take on this look, it's a little more on the purple side simply because I didn't have anything else plumier, I mixed some of my sleek eyes dust 681 fantasy and some vaseline to get the purple colour, a revlon eyeshadow quad in 11 sultry smoke (the darkest matt grey/black) and for the pink I used Barry M dazzle dust 85 neon pink.
I shall try lisa's new green eye next time.

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Makeup Savvy said...

Also really loved the tutorial Lisa Eldridge did on Nicole Richie..this looks really great on you.

Fee x

nicola said...

Aw thanks it was really fun to do, it was much darker in real life than it looks in the pic x