1 Jan 2012

Lovely nude lips just like Kims!

Hey ladies

So I don't know about you but when I think of 'the perfect nude lip' Kim Kardashian always spings to mind, I love her nude lip colour.

I did a bit of surfing and from what I can tell she uses Nars lip gloss in Turkish Delight, so the first thing I decided to do is see if there are any good dupes out there (since I don't wanna pay more than I have to and why should you?) and Peach Petal by Revlon is pretty spot on but of course me being me I still want to make sure there isn't anything else thats just as nice but even more affordable.

I had a good snoop through all the glosses in my local Superdrug (some really bad shades out there) and yay I found a Barry M Glossy Tube shade 4 Matt pink that perfectly resembles Kims pout.

The gloss itself is rather pigmented so you don't need lots although a lot comes out if you are not careful, the applicator is a little nub and it smells just like haribo so I'm glad I had a really good snoop because I am super happy with this lovely wearable nude that only cost me a few quid!

Whats your favourite lip gloss?

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