8 Aug 2011

Wanna party without worrying about working up a sweat?

Hello ladies

I think it's about time I let you into a little secret of mine for dealing with underarm sweat.


I think we have all been in a situation where we have had to deal with sweaty underarms at the most inappropriate time, when I go out for the night I don't want to worry about sweating I want to just enjoy myself so here is my secret weapon......

Driclor is basically a deodorant for excessive sweating and is super strong unlike the stuff you get on the shelves this will actually stop you sweating completely. Of course it won't stop sweating forever more but for people who don't have a problem I think its great for use here and there like if you just want to enjoy a night out without getting all hot and bothered and for that dress that is a bit too close under the arms.

you can go to any chemist and ask for a strong deodorant for excessive sweating and pay around £5.00 which I think is a good deal.

Of course like anything read up on it and make sure it's for you! Also be prepared for really strong itching while it gets to work!

Click here for all the info.

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BreezeyBee said...

i will have to check it out. im rediculous at sweating. i know its weird to say that for a girl but i sweat alot lol but the funny thng is.. i dont smell. il sweat away but not stink

thats an uoside atleast lol
BreezeyBee Blog

The Beautiful Blog said...

Oh you gotta try it its one of the best tips i got :) completley works xXx