1 Jan 2011

A good old fasioned roller set

Hi ladies

I haven't set my hair in rollers for aaages so today since I had all morning and nothing to do I thought I would get my rollers out and create some big waves.

I have started to keep pictures of my hairdressing to build up a portfolio, I really don't know why I didn't do a portfolio sooner! Oh well I am doing it now.

I really love the beautiful look you can get from using rollers, with a bit of practice it doesn't take too long to roll up and if you have the time to let your hair dry naturally there is no heat damage just soft beautiful hair, and with rollers there is no frizz at all.

Also there are a lot of different looks you can achieve by changing the roller size/sizes or direction and I really think that since velcro rollers are so inexpensive there really is no reason not to give them a try.

HERE is a link from Hairfinder.com for instructions on how to do a long hair set, and there are lots of videos on the Internet with demonstrations to help master the art of setting hair.

Here I am with my rollers in today

The results

As always I love to hear your thoughts

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TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Your hair looks lovely! xx

The Sparkly Poo said...

Your hair looks HOT! Im jealous. Deffo need to find out how to get some volume :) x

The Beautiful Blog said...

Thanks girls :) x

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Your hair looks so beautiful and o like your hair style.

The Beautiful Blog said...

thank you :) xxx

Miss LV said...

Your hair looks stunning! I just found your blog after you left me a comment on mine about Dusty, I couldn't stop laughing how funny hehehe xxx


The Beautiful Blog said...

aw hes sweet I had three grey chinchillas once they make lovely pets, thanks for commenting babes x

Anonymous said...

What size of rollers did you use ?

The Beautiful Blog said...

Hi Shylee most rollers come colour coordinated with blue and green being big sizes although you can get bigger, If you go too big you only get volume without a curl. I use my big green rollers on the top and sides so it's not quite as curly, they are the same circumfrence as a vasaline pot, if you can get a round pot to sit on top thats the right size, the blue one is the next size down should be slightly smaller and you should be able to fit a blue in a green with no gaps or movement it should fit snug. You might get diferent colours than mine but use the round pot as a guide. I hope that makes sense xXx