25 Sep 2010

Ponds cold cream cleanser

Well it's been around for years and celebrities such as kylie Minouge use the cold cream so ponds must be doing something right, so when I found out it had been re-packaged the other day I thought I'd give the cleanser a try.
The first thing I noticed when I unscrewed the lid was how it smelt of roses very lovely indeed, so I got a cotton wool pad and dabbed it in the cream, which was almost solid, (I was expecting it to be quite runny) I knew this product would go a long way.
I usually use cleansing wipes as they are easier but once I tried ponds I really loved the way my skin felt clean, soft and moisturised, I can see why this stuff has been around so long it's a very nice cleanser I think I shall give the cold cream a try next!
Will I be using this again? Definitely! this will be a product that I shall be using on a regular basis from now on and would especially recommend it to any of you ladies with dry skin.
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Has anyone else used ponds creams? 

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