26 Sep 2010

My perfume loves

I am a big perfume lover I have to admit it, I have always been in touch with my sense of smell it's by far my strongest sense so naturally I get fed up with the same thing everyday.
I'm not the type of girl who will buy a perfume use it all up then try another, I need variety or I just get bored! I love the idea of a signature scent but I just don't work that way so I have many kinda signature scents.
The first perfume I ever bought was L'Air du temps by Nina Ricci whilst on holiday in Spain, at the young age of thirteen I didn't know anything about perfumes other than I wanted them so I just smelt some and picked one I liked the look and smell of! turns out my first perfume is very popular among the more mature ladies but I really liked it and to this day every time I smell it I go to that holiday in Spain.
I love the way a smell can bring back memories I have a few special perfumes for this I remember one in particular called chanalon I found it at (don't laugh) Lidl! it just smelt so nice so I got it, around the time I was in the honeymoon period of a relationship (still with the same guy) and it always brings back those really special feelings which is why I will always have a fondness for that cheap little supermarket perfume.
Sometimes I smell like an eighties throw back because every now and then I wear Lou Lou by Cachrel but hey it was the perfume I remember as a child seeing it placed on my mums dressing table (she would have been younger than me at the time) so it will always be special to me.
So where are we? we have the granny perfume, the supermarket perfume and the eighties throwback perfume ha it's quite funny actually but I really have some nice perfumes in my collection and many of them have a little story or memory to go with them I can assure you I have moved on and do smell quite lovely.
Do you have a perfume which has a little memory or story?

Some pics of my collection.

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