19 Sep 2010

The new light up lip gloss trend!

When I popped into town yesterday I noticed that collection 2000 had a new range of lip glosses out called hotlights which feature a built in mirror, I was having a look and was tempted to buy one but I decided against it due to the fact that the gloss was too sheer and that really was my only reason as I loved everything else about them especially the £3.99 price tag.
Anyway it didn't occur to me until I got home to ask the question why are they called hotlights? then I knew it as I had seen the day before that gosh do something similar! they bloody light up! now if I had realised at the time I just might have bought one because I think it's a very clever little idea indeed and I love little things like that! so I did a bit of snooping around and realised that ME ME ME, w7, and rimmel do light up gloss too (apparently liparazzi started this little trend), I knew when I saw the gosh ones that this would be something other brands would be doing, I can't believe it took me so long to find out about them! anyway it's ok as today I have got my claws on a me me me light me up high shine lip gloss number 4 luminous for £6.99 I think the gosh ones were £7.99 and the rimmel ones aren't out yet but to be fair to rimmel I can see they are using different packaging as ME ME ME, gosh and collection 2000, all of their glosses are the exact same shape.
Have you tried these?
HERE is a useful link with some more information and some pics.


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