17 Sep 2010

Getting excited about the new Herve Leger perfume from avon!

Since reading about the new Herve Leger perfume and having a sniff of the scented page in my avon brochure 14 I have been impatiently waiting for brochure 15 to arrive so I can place my order and then wait even more impatiently for my lovely Avon lady Louise to pay me a visit!
The perfume is described in avon as 'enticing freshness, exotic florals and addictive honeyed woods' and I know you cant judge a perfume from a sniff from the scented page but I was sooo impressed with the scent kind of clean, sweet and a little bit sexy with a really classy looking bottle.
It costs £20.00 for a 50ml bottle and if you order from brochure 15 you get a luxury gift which consists of a lovely gift box containing a purse spray 12ml, a shower gel 150 ml and a body lotion 150ml.
I shall let you all know how I get and add a photo too as soon as my order comes in!
Any thoughts on perfumes?

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