13 Sep 2010

Fighting the frizz with coconut oil

Frizzy hair has been an issue for many woman and so far as I know there is no magic beauty product to rid us of this frizzy burden, some may help but when it comes to frizz I believe prevention is better than cure!
The main reason for frizzy hair is that the hair has become very dry, now this could be the natural state of the hair or maybe poor diet but after working as a hairstylist I think the main reason most women have dry/frizzy hair is down to heat damage and chemical damage.

If you are blow drying your hair often your hair will become drier the same with straighteners actually especially straighteners! it's a catch twenty two because the straighteners give you smooth beautiful hair but the more you use them the more you need them because as the hair becomes drier it becomes frizzier.

Now imagine you (like the large majority of women) have already chemically treated your hair and you are also using heat styling products, well the problem just gets worse.
To fight the frizz you need to

  • cut back on the heat styling
  • avoid over using chemicals
  • use a regular conditioning treatment
  • avoid washing hair every day
  • use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner
  • consider letting your hair dry naturally
  • use heat protection products

If you follow these steps your hair will thank you for it, but I would also like to recommend a little gem I have been using for a while now which is great at instantly putting the moisture back in my hair and this little gem is pure coconut oil.

Apparently coconut oil actually penetrates the hair as oppose to just covering it! now I'm not a scientist but I find it very easy to believe this to be true.
how to use? apply to wet hair leave to soak for as long as you please and then wash off with a generous handful of shampoo (sometimes it will need a couple of washes to get it out)
I purchase mine at superdrug for a couple of pounds and it beats any frizz fighting product I have tried so far.

Also I have suffered with psoriasis since I was seven and I sometimes get it on my scalp, although there is no cure for psoriasis I think that most sufferers would agree to find something that could get rid of the dry flaky skin (which is usually mistaken for dandruff) would be great! well I have found that if u apply coconut oil to the scalp it will really help get rid of all the dry skin.

HERE is a link to a review on this product.

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