15 Sep 2010

Before bleaching or colour stripping read this!

Up until not too long ago the only way to lighten hair was with bleach, colour stripper and tint but if you had already tinted your hair and you wanted to go lighter then you was left with two options colour stripper or bleach.

Now bleaching colour stripping and tinting are all chemical treatments that take their toll on your hair, I have seen hair in awful condition simply because it was tinted too often with a low peroxide, so imagine what you would have to put your hair through to go from dark (tinted) hair to blonde, well for some people its really not advisable and I myself know from experience that it destroys your hair.

I had up until recently been dying my hair dark brown for ages (with the exception of a mad moment when I went from dark brown to very light blonde briefly) and as you can imagine it gets boring being the same colour for ages but I had decided that I wasn't going to put my hair in through that again even if it meant having to spend the rest of my life with the same hair colour.

But a little (fated) while ago I decided to pick up a copy of boots magazine (even though I had already browsed through it at a friends house) and while looking through the pages I noticed a tiny advert for a colour remover called colour B4 hair colour remover by Scott Cornwall hair expert which apparently contained no ammonia or peroxide! It comes in a normal and an extra strength

I was intrigued, as a hairdresser I know that the only way to remove tint is to bleach or colour strip and like I said both are not exactly kind to hair but there is this product claiming to remove colour safely also the first commercial colour remover!

Basically colour B4 works differently from colour strippers and beach because it only removes artificial pigment it wont lighten your natural hair (genius) to find out more about the science bit HERE is a usuful link.

I did wonder why if this product is so good how come loreal and redken and all the other big companies dont make their own versions? The answer is this product is patented so basically boots are selling a product that can do its job better than the salons alternatives (a lot better actually)
Anyway once I had read all about it I was so excited this was a new invention to me and if it did what it said on the box I could go lighter without the damage.

I checked the net for product reviews and found out that it is also sold a little cheaper at tesco and as far as I know it's only retailed at boots and tesco.
I looked on the net for reviews and almost every review was a good one and I couldn't wait to try it and so I did! now i have the hair color I really really wanted without the damage and the inevitable reduction in length due to split ends.

I was am so impressed with this product as far as I'm concerned this is a breakthrough in hairdressing so thank you very much Scott Cornwall you genius!

Colour B4 costs between £8.00 and £11.99

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