23 Jan 2012

Quick update on my glycolic peel routine

Hi ladies hope you are all very well

So I have been using glycolic acid to even my skin tone see post here and I said I would let you know how I have been getting on.

Well in my previous post I explained all about peels so if you haven't read it please do.  I am now currently up to a 40% glycolic acid peel and the results are definitely getting better and better although really for any noticeable results I believe you need 40% upwards but of course you have to build up to that!

So I have only done about 4 x 40% peels and am almost finished my 2 week break so I can get back and do another 4 peels with 40% again, I'm really happy with the results so far and although I haven't been using very high strength for long my skin is definitely looking better and I'm expecting the best results are yet to come.

So all in all I am really glad I tried peels and consider this one of the best beauty discoveries so far!

I still haven't found before pic of me but as soon as I do I will add the before and after pics but all I can say is the peels have made a difference even my friend commented on it.

Thanks for reading

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