25 Jan 2012

A question of foundation experts required!!!

Hi ladies

This post is inspired by a conversation I was having with my sister today, we were talking about foundations and she has her heart set on a Mac or Clinique purchase but although I can't lie I have never tried a higher end foundation (other than ysl when the shop assistant did my make up and I wasn't blown away by it) I am rather sceptical as I really feel with make up that paying more doesn't always mean better quality or results and I like to feel I have got value for money not that I'm throwing my money away.

Anyway I read a lot of beauty blogs and I do notice that Mac foundations are very popular and I know someone who works for Benefit but uses Mac foundation oh and Lisa Eldridge has been using Mac for years (but uses health mix too) so I guess Mac must be doing something right!

when me and my sister were looking through my box of foundations I had to admit I had spent a small fortune on drug store foundations so if a higher end foundation is really that much better I would happily part with my cash.

The thing is I would really like to know what other peoples opinions are as I have found some really great foundations that I'm happy with.........

Bourjois healthy mix is great for my pale/warm skin tone

Rimmel renew and recover is also a lovely foundation to give my skin a boost if it is looking dull

Max Factor miracle touch is my go to foundation when I need a heavier coverage and it matches my skin tone really really well

So I guess if I am already happy do I need to try Mac?

Is it really that much better than the best the drug stores have to offer? 

And could it be that the customer is happier with their higher end purchases simply because of the fact that higher end companies have sales assistants who can advise on which type of foundation for their individual skin type and select the right shade from a larger variety of shades rather than prefuring the actual product performance itself over lower end foundation?

I hope someone can help

thanks for reading

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Ashley C said...

I find a lot of MAC foundation too heavy as I personally like a quite sheer look, however the good thing about MAC is the amazing range of colours you can buy, which mean you can get a really good skin tone match. I have to say my favourite is revlon photo ready which is incredible if you want a light weight foundation and its pretty reasonably priced at around £12. NARS foundation are very well regarded although I haven't tried them. estee lauder double wear is incredibly long wearing and hardy if you want a full coverage, it doesnt wear off through the day and stays put no matter what. I always think foundation should be your most extravagant purchase as it covers your whole face and if you have a good base, you can then use cheaper brands on blush etc without it noticing. I could go on......!

The Beautiful Blog said...

Thanks Ashley your comment is really helpful and you can go on as much as you like ha ha xXx