16 Sep 2010

Sleek eye dust

I thought today I would give my Sleek eye dust a mention because I have been using it for a while now and think that although the colour range is quite limited maybe because sleek 'with a particular focus on women who are under - represented by major brands in the cosmetics market' it is very good value for money.
I have a few of the colours in this range but one that is absolutely gorgeous and would suit most people is 680 dirty eye dust! its such a beautiful shade of brown and I only need such a tiny bit to get a really dark effect, also I love how much you get for your money, the pots are sooo much bigger than dazzle dust by Barry M which happens to be more expensive! that said I have to give credit to Barry M because they do have a wide and fabulous range of affordable and beautiful colours.

some Sleek eye dust

how it looks on
(please get a better look in store at superdrug)

the difference in size compared to Barry M

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