12 Sep 2010

banishing those dreaded dark circles

Being someone who has always looked a little tired even with a full nights sleep I have tried many under eye concealers and there are some good ones out there but I do have high standards, I don't want to lose the dark circles only to replace them with cakey dry looking eyes I want coverage without the thickness!
I think most people have heard about ysl touche eclat which lets face it is expensive so I'm pleased to say that I have discovered a far cheaper and dare I say slightly better concealer in wait for it a supermarket!
lacura from aldi have there own version for £3.59 performing just as well it comes in two shades and unlike the ysl didn't dry my skin out after continued use! I think this is an amazing product and for the price is very well worth a try.
Has anyone else used this? what are your thoughts on this product?

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